All India Junior & Amateur Tour

Our Vision is to provide Exposure for All Competitors at a National Level

Epic Wrx Golf, with a history of successful tournaments, including collaborations with organizations like the Golf Foundation, now aims to elevate the golfing experience in Bangalore and Karnataka. Following the success of events like the U.S. Kids Local Tour, we plan to introduce an international standard tournament, welcoming players aged 7-24 from across the country. Your sponsorship will support the growth of golf in the region and align your brand with inclusivity, youth development, and the spirit of the game. Join us in shaping the future of golf in Bangalore and Karnataka!

Vision of All India Junior &
Amateur Golf Tour

Vision of All India Junior &
Amateur Golf Tour

  • Exposure for all competitors at a National Level

  • Assists players in enhancing their Skills by exposing them to Tournament atmospheres and diverse weather conditions.
  • ⁠Experience to travel & compete like Tour Players.
  • ⁠Professionally managed tour standard experience.
  • ⁠Premium event experience.
  • ⁠Provide statistics of game management & help all players analyze performance under competitive level.
  • ⁠To make our players feel important.

Photos from the Previous Tournaments